A little bit about us...

COLDSTOR Data's digital archive platform was developed to improve the access to and reliability of archived digital data over an extended period of time. Our development team created the industry's first comprehensive, “professional grade,” cloud-based archiving platform that would address the needs of professional archivists, information management professionals, and managers of data centers.

COLDSTOR's design addressed four central issues:

  • Secure Transport / Secure Storage
    The need to ensure that content could be securely, accurately and rapidly transported between the customer and the archive, and the need to ensure that stored content would be insulated from unauthorized access or alteration.
  • Disaster-proofing Content
    The need to ensure that even a technical or physical disaster would not affect the security or integrity of data records
  • Access by Tommorrow's Technology
    The need to ensure that content archived today would be available with the needed environment (platform applications, etc.) needed to ensure it could be effectively accessed and accurately interpreted by future generations of equipment and programs
  • Demonstrable Proof of Content Integrity, Even Years LaterThe need to be able to demonstrate that archived content has not been altered, that unauthorized access has been prevented, and that all rules regarding availability and use have been preserved, across the years- even across multiple generations of storage media

The result was the development of COLDSTOR Data's patented Integrated Communication and Content Management Environment ( ICETM) Architecture.

COLDSTOR Data's ICE architecture has the five essential features that distinguish an "archive" from basic offline storage. It meets the most exacting content management requirements of government regulators, the legal and accounting profession, and it adheres to the standards (DACS, ISAD,etc.) set by archivists and the content preservation community to ensure the long term preservation of all forms of digital content.

Subsequent investor interest led to the creation of COLDSTOR Data, Inc., as a service business that would allow users to access and maintain full control of their own personalized, highly secure, long-term data archive.

Staffed by a technically sophisticated management team, this Spring COLDSTOR Data Service has "gone live."

In recent weeks the company has been installed and used by medical centers, professional research organizations, religious institutions and an increasing number of Fortune 1000 businesses. Recently, COLDSTOR Data has begun to set up a series of strategic partnerships with a number of multinational MSPs and data service centers. (See- News)