An archive system must be easily accessible.

To be accessible means ensuring that the data you record today can be effectively accessed tomorrow.


Ownership and Physical Access

At COLDSTOR Data, the content we store is YOURS. Some providers of online storage fail to make that statement, and for a good reason. Some use your data to refine their search engines or to help sell you advertising. The data they store for you may be comingled with content from a variety of other sources. As a result content can only be retrieved online.

This is not a practible solution for organizations concerned about privacy or who may need to store (or retrieve!) large volumes of data.

Your contract with COLDSTOR Data states explicitly that your data is YOURS. We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is secured against access by third parties. Your data is archived separately, and never co-mingled with others. This means that we can send data back to you electronically at high speed, or physically transport entire volumes - even your entire archive - back to you at a moment's notice, ready for your use.

Preserving Technical Accessibility

Storing data over a long period doesn't mean much if that data cannot be understood or read in the future, or if a needed piece of information cannot be found amidst the sheer quantity of stored content.

HeiroAn archive must store your content in the form it was created. Nothing should stand between you and your data.

At the same time, data needs to be as readable (and secure!) in the future as it was at the time it was stored. Over the years, new technolgies, new applications and new operating platforms may replace those in common use today.

The Archive Containers

COLDSTOR Archive ContainerThis is why COLDSTOR Data's parallel archive containers are designed to store not only the original content, but also the environment (Application, Operating Platform - the entire virtual machine) that made it readable. Content access rights and restrictions are also preserved,and any authorized changes in those rights are permanently encoded along with who authorized them and what the original instructions were, so that content security can be maintained in an auditable form many years into the future.

Instant Access To Frequently Used Files

Access means rapid access

Rapid AccessCOLDSTOR Data's architecture is designed to provide secure content management and rapid access to needed content. Our hard disk-based architecture means that data can come online almost instantly (See Security). Our storage design means that data can be transported electronically or physically transported to your location.

Users expect instant access to files they are using on a regular basis. This is why COLDSTOR Data has developed an optional caching system for our client-side ICEBoxTM appliance that allows customers near-instant access to content that is being analyzed or which is receiving frequent access requests.

Users may not always need entire files, or they may not be quite sure what they are looking for without a little assistance. That's why our platform supports most third-party content analysis and indexing tools. These tools can be placed either remotely or at the customer site, to enhance rapid identification of and access to your content.