If an Archive system is going to be deployed, it must be affordable.

COLDSTOR Data's digital archive service is designed to archive your content more reliably and inexpensively. COLDSTOR Data customers can:


Reduce their capital equipment costs

Reduce their equipment costs.COLDSTOR Data customers will not have to make capital investments in new archiving equipment, now or later. Storage media and equipment can become outmoded in as few as three years, and can break down at any time. By using COLDSTOR Data's archiving service, these costs can be eliminated.

In addition, COLDSTOR Data can save wear and tear on the your overall data center. Over 60% of the files in most data centers have been accessed less than once in the last six months. Many of these files may still see occasional use, however. Many end users are reluctant to archive this content using traditional methods, because of the inconvenience and time required to get them back online. Because COLDSTOR permits near immediate access to these inactive files (See Access) it is easier to persuade users to archive this content. This can extend the useful life of the equipment in your data center or reduce the costs of upgrading in the future.

Reduce personnel expenses.

Staffing expenditures can drive up the price of an in-house archiving program. Constructing an in-house system requires more than just technical expertise with content preservation tools and methods. It also requires the ability to understand regulatory requirements that can vary from business function to business function and from location to location.

COLDSTOR Data has the expertise you need. We can provide you with the advice you need and our equipment does much of the work you might have to customize if you did it yourself.

Eliminate the risk of archival media or hardware failure.

The biggest archival costs are generated when the archive fails!

Hardware FailureTape wears out. Optical disks fail, often unexpectedly. Archival equipment is subject to failure and technical obsolesence. Disasters can can wipe out an entire set of locally stored records. Archived content should never be dependent on the integrity of any given piece of hardware or media or storage location!

COLDSTOR Data adheres to the LOCKSS principle -- Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe). This is a fundamental principle required by the archiving community. Content replication isn't an extra cost- it's built into our system. So are a variety of other means to ensure that data is kept securely and intact. At COLDSTOR DATA, we know that any successful archive strategy must be hardware and media independent. That's a requirement if your archive is to preserve the integrity of your data over years.. over multiple generations of equipment .. for as long as you may need it! (Download our White paper for more information.)

Significantly reduce their power and facility cooling costs.

Reduce PowerAccording to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, data center energy costs can be 100-times higher than those for typical buildings (See graph). The energy needed to power typical data storage equipment can equal the cost of the equipment itself in less than 21/2 years. COLDSTOR Data's archive uses less than 20% of the energy consumed by even the most efficient hard drive array, and we pass these savings back to you. Moving data out of your data center and on to a COLDSTOR Data archive can move money back to your bottom line.


Will be able to focus on their active data needs more effectively.

Contact our sales office for an ROI calculator and proof that COLDSTOR Data can save you money from the date from the day it is installed.