Compliance and COLDSTOR Data

Reduce their equipment costsGovernment regulations such as FERPA, Sarbox/FINRA, HIPPA, The US Federal Records Act, the SEC's 17a-4, the FDA's 21 CFR 11, and similar US and international regulators and standards bodies not only require the keeping of extensive records; they also mandate how those records are to managed and how their care is to be documented.

Affected institutions need to demonstrate the authenticity of those records and prove they have not been purposely or accidentally altered. They need to be able to provide proof that their records have been kept under effective control and that unauthorized persons have not been given access to private or restricted information.

The accounting profession has generated industry standards such as SAS70 that include specific requirements for creating and preserving “auditable” electronic content. The legal profession has a related set of recommendations regarding the handling of digital “evidence“ and related content, given that demonstrating the authenticity of electronic records can be essential to successful litigation today.

Reduce their equipment costsCOLDSTOR Data's ability to safeguard the collection of data, to use multiple independent safeguards to monitor its authenticity while being stored, and its ability to generate an unassailable "Chain of Custody" are essential to a successful, "standards-aware" compliance strategy.

COLDSTOR Data has worked extensively with compliance specialists such as Visage Solutions to ensure that our platform can provide the needed features that meet these regulatory requirements. COLDSTOR Data's platform is designed to ensure that the authenticity, integrity and "custodial history" of the digital content we archive will stand up to the most rigorous legal scruitiny!

Geographic Awareness

Reduce their equipment costsThe location-aware characterics of COLDSTOR data's metadata platform can help our clients comply with the differing legal and regulatory guidelines found in a global environment. For example, it can help manage privacy and other access restrictions that may vary according to the geographical jurisdiction. where content was generated, and later accessed.

Best Practices

Compliance means adhering to "best practices" for storing all digital content over the long term. In addition to government regulators and the legal and accounting professions, the U.S. and international community of professional archivists have developed a set of parallel and complementary standards for collecting digital content, establishing its context, preserving its authenticity and establishing a chain of custody to document that it has been handled appropriately over its lifetime.

COLDSTOR Data's ICE architecture is the only archival system that has been developed from “the ground up” to meet DACS and ISAD archival standards for preserving, authenticating and establishing the chain of custody needed to comply with government regulations, legal and accounting standards, and the broader requirements of information preservation professionals.