COLDSTOR Data and the 5 Elements Needed to Create a Quality Archive

Digital archiving is not the same thing as digital storage.

An archive system has to be built for the long term. It needs to collected in a form that allows it to be used years later. Its content may need to survive one or more generations of storage media, even local facility disasters such as fire or flood. It may need to generate documentary proof that the content was collected accurately, remains intact, hasn't been mixed with content from other sources, and hasn't been altered or inappropriately accessed during the many years it has been stored. COLDSTOR Data has developed a number of patent-pending technologies designed to assure that content we store meets the five features that that should be common to any digital archiving system, now or in the future.

These include:

Guaranteees of Content Integrity

Content & System Security

Data Accessibility

Service Affordability

Regulatory & Legal Compliance