An archive must be able to demonstrate the integrity of its content.


Multiple Authentication Protocols

Multiple Authentication ProtocolsCOLDSTOR Data uses multiple protocols to prove that the content it stores is an authentic copy of the original and that this authenticity has been maintained over time.

When content is collected, COLDSTOR Data uses a dynamic multi-authentication approach as part of its "defense in depth" approach to content security. COLDSTOR Data applies three different analyses to generate three unique IDs for every file it stores.

Simultaneous Monitoring of Replicated Content

Simultaneous Monitoring of Replicated ContentLOCKSS Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) is a international archival principle that relies on generating multiple copies of conent held in geographically distant locations to secure content from loss.

COLDSTOR Data has extended this principle. We replicate data files in multiple locations. These locations may be at our sites or various locations of your choosing. We also replicate (and authenticate) data about

  • The operating environment and application data needed to access these files, (see Accessibility)
  • Data concerning the location fo all files
  • A record of all accesses and attempts to access or alter file content (see Security)
COLDSTOR Data's ICETrayTM Content Management System tracks and analyzes content to ensure replicated content is identical at all locations. It inititiates recovery if files are damaged, if media fails or if a location is compromised.