COLDSTOR Data Survives Irene (and Proves a Point)

Company's Distributed, Redundant, Archival Storage Design Guarantees Content Availability, Even Amidst a Disaster.

Lebanon, NH – 11 a.m. EDT, September 10, 2011

Hurricanes rarely effect the northeastern U.S., but when Hurricane Irene slammed through central New England in late August, the resulting floods wreaked havoc across the region. The sole consolation for one business with facilities in the worst hit area was that the disaster proved the company's technology worked in a crisis.

The New England staff at COLDSTOR Data Services, the digital archive service based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, saw Irene's floodwaters wash away their neighbor's houses, cut off their power, pull down some of the area's scenic covered bridges and tear away their roads.

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Bellows Falls, Vermont, where one of the company's data centers is located, saw many small towns nearby get completely cut off by flood waters. The dam supplying the data center's hydroelectric power was forced to shut down and open its floodgates for the first time in memory. Irene is being called that state's “Storm of the Century” and its biggest disaster in 80 years.

COLDSTOR Data's CEO Joel Love was among those stranded by the floodwaters. When he finally arrived at the Vermont data center, he took some solace in the one thing that didn't happen, and noted its signficance for the company and its customers.

"In some ways it is small consolation for our friends, our neighbors and our local staff but, despite the magnitude of the disaster, I'm proud to say that we maintained the continuity of our services. None of our customers were affected," Love said.

The hurricane and subsequent flooding proved to be a graphic illustration of the benefits of COLDSTOR Data's archival architecture, which was designed to ensure content availability even in the midst of a catastrophe.

COLDSTOR Data's Marketing Director, Jack Bryar said,"One of the most important features of any archive system must be its ability to preserve critical historical data and to ensure that nothing, even a natural or technical disaster, affects its integrity and availability

Bryar, whose own home was surrounded by flood waters at the storm's peak, said the staff was thankful that, despite losing power and telecommunications services, the Vermont data center survived largely unscathed. However, he pointed out that even if the center had been destroyed, COLDSTOR Data's archival infrastructure would have ensured that all the digital content preserved by the company would have remained intact and remained continuously available to the company's customers.

"If a client's data center is damaged, that almost certainly means that the digital records it has kept on site are impacted in some way," Bryar said.

"In fact, no single location, no matter how well guarded or well designed, is ever going to be completely secure from a catastrophic event. The only way to ensure preserved content remains intact and available is to replicate it across geographically distant locations. We are dealing with a terrible illustration of why we and our partners have multiple data centers across the country that replicate each others content and continuously monitor each others integrity. That way, a disaster in one place won't affect the integrity of stored content or its availability."

Love added, "I guess we have proven the hard way that we can confidently stand by our SLA of 100% uptime, no matter what."

COLDSTOR Data, the digital archive service, was founded in order to provide dedicated on-site or cloud-based digital archive services for the long-term preservation of electronic content. Among it's significant partners is the international telecommunications giant NTT.

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Editor's Note:

The communities of central New England are continuing to recover from this unprecedented disaster. Many homes are damaged and their owners are displaced even as cold weather approaches.

To help support flood relief in Vermont, call 1-800 VERMONT.
In New Hampshire, donations can be sent to
NH Disaster Relief Fund 2011
State of NH Treasury
25 Capitol Street, Room 121
Concord, NH 03301


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