An archive needs to be secure.

COLDSTOR Data understands the concerns about the security of "cloud" or any other remote access environment. That is why we have put together a comprehensive approach to securing your data against unwanted access or accidental damage.


Appliance-based Access

Appliance-based AccessRemote access security depends on a secure communications channel.

Our ICETM architecture uses software appliance-based access to dramatically enhance the security of your archives. COLDSTOR Data appliances only communicate with its dedicated remote counterpart and vice versa. This secure communications environment is further secured by dynamic, geographically-aware, multiprotocol encryption. Additional access control is maintained through a sophisticated metadata system. The result is the highest degree of remote access security of any archive platform.

Secured, Defined Locations

Secured, Defined LocationsCOLDSTOR DATA believes that your data archive must be treated like your, exclusive, property! You have every right to know where your content is located and to be assured that your content has been secured from third parties at least as well as you could do yourself.

COLDSTOR Data stores your data in a location dedicated to your content ONLY. Each individual file is given a permanent globally unique location identifier (UUID) using the same kind of protocols COLDSTOR uses to authenticate your data (See Integrity).

Write-once Inscription

Write-once InscriptionWe have configured our hard disk arrays to use write sequentially on disk media in the manner of Write Once Optical Media (WORM) drives.

Since content cannot be physically overwritten, stored content is secured from both accidental and intentional overwriting. This approach conforms to the recommendations of the professional archivist community. It provides our customers with an additional level of security couple with the responsiveness of hard disk media.

Disk Arrays with a Difference

Disk ArraysAt each remote archive location, COLDSTOR Data uses a distributed storage array to ensure that a damaged drive doesn't result in lost data, even locally.

COLDSTOR Data adds one additional feature. We believe the most secure array is one that has been turned OFF. Idle disks cannot be accessed! It only takes a matter of seconds to bring content back online.

Dedicated access appliances; content replicated at multiple sites; file location security; write-once data inscription; and storage arrays that can be turned off - - these are among the steps COLDSTOR Data takes to secure the content under its care.